AXATA PTE, LTD as one of the National Privat Enterprise engaged in domestic and international trade, has proven its existence well AXATA PTE, LTD was founded in 2021 and develop into a competitive company supported by experts from various disciplines who are able to provide optimal service in maintaining customer trust and satisfaction.

Continuosly AXATA PTE, LTD . seeks to increase company value by playing a maximum role as one of the agents of development and value creators, thought the cereation of a measurable business ecosystem for export and import trade efforts.

We have carried out various trading activities both export and import. with the trust of various parties, both goverment , private and individual, we continue to innovate in creating good and timely services.

We also continuosly improving the development of information and communication technology network in supporting operational activities that facilitate the company’s business and optimizing the utilization of resources to produce high – quality and cometitive products.


To become a trusted, advanced and competitive trading company through human resources and professional management as well as information technology that is appropriate to become a market leader in Indonesia.


  • Develop the ability of human resources on an ongoing basis
  • Conducting import-export trade preofessionally.
  • Applying a Quality Management System that supports the overall development of the company;
  • Applying the Management Information System to create effective and efficient company operational activities;
  • Establish partnerships with integrated services by utilizing reliable information technology networks and systems;


Whether it’s import, export or postage we always offer trusted and affordable cargo transportation to our clients. Through third party transport companies we are able to finish the job by organising fast and efficient transportation.


PT. Kairos Sinergi Indonesia

Colborne Interior
Tiedemann Globe Incorporated
Noamex Incorporated

Arterindo Pte Ltd

Fable Gmbh

Pegasus Barakh Investment Ltd

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